Post Play And Another Triple-Double Pushes OKC Past Raptors

By Addam Francisco

Sunday night the Thunder took on the 38-25 Raptors who are fourth in the Eastern Conference. This is a big game in a sense because of the return of Thunder forward Steven Adams who is returning from a hand injury. However, the red hot play from Russell Westbrook and big game from Enes Kanter and Serge Ibaka stole the show.

Westbrook had yet another triple-double, his fifth in six games and gives him a little more of an argument for the leagues MVP. He finished this game with 30 points, 17 assists and 11 rebounds. These are mind blowing numbers that no one in the NBA is putting up and only the legends of the game have. There's not a point guard on any other team that can put up these numbers consistently like Russell is.

Ibaka and Kanter had a huge game as well with 21 points a piece and a combined 19 rebounds. Kanter had another double-double in his short tenure with OKC. This is something that's looking so promising for the Thunder going into the final stretch of the regular season and into the playoffs. Russell, Serge and Enes on average, combine for 55 points and with Serge and Kanter scoring about 28 of those points combined, that makes OKC a serious threat in the post and in my opinion, a recipe to win a championship. Not to mention Adams, (who was the starting post all season) is now healthy and is expected to continue doing what he's been doing all season. If he steps up his defensive presence, Serge and Enes continue scoring with consistency and players like Mitch McGary and Nick Collison come in and contribute like they have been, I don't see one team in the NBA that can match up with them.

The Thunder are making great moves at the right time in the season. Every player is playing at the top of their game from Westbrook to Jeremy Lamb (when he gets to play). All of this is going right and people tend to forget that the NBA's reigning MVP is sitting on the bench with a foot injury; a player that averages 24 points per game. The Thunder will play the 40-23 Clippers at home on Wednesday, where we will be able to see how Kanter plays against one of the leagues most physical teams and another quality big man in DeAndre Jordan. Durant will be re-evaluated and will possibly play as well.