"We Shall See" Russ Says When Asked About KD Crowd Reaction

By Randy Renner, Senior Writer

The Thunder are trying their best to treat tonight’s game with former teammate Kevin Durant and his Golden State Warriors as just another game on the schedule but of course it’s about as far from that as anything could be.

Still, Steven Adams told a playoff-size group of reporters that he and his mates will try to block out all the noise and static associated with Durant’s return and focus instead on the game.

“All that stuff that has nothing to do with basketball the more we can just get rid of it so that it’s not a factor the better off we’ll be.”

At least Warriors center Zaza Pachulia won’t be around tonight. Remember when these teams last played out in California Pachulia put Russell Westbrook on his back with a hard foul and then stood over him.

“You just don’t do that,” Adams said. “ I don’t know what he was trying to prove.”

And of course there’s sure to be some sort of shenanigans involving Draymond Green who kicked Adams where men don’t want to be kicked during last season’s Western Conference Finals.

So there will be some side elements to all the Durant drama and oh yeah, I almost forgot, there WILL be a basketball game played somewhere in all this mix too.

“We gotta make sure we’re ready to play,” reminded Westbrook. Who during his 4-minute session with reporters was asked more questions about Durant than about the game. He even supplied a couple of interesting answers.

“Sometimes it happens like that,” he said when asked what it’s like for longtime teammates to all of a sudden not speak with each other.

Does it hurt?

“Hurt? I mean I’m fine, I’ve moved forward. Things happen in life and as a man you gotta move forward. It’s not just Kevin there’s been many guys that have come in and out of Oklahoma City that I’ve had a relationship with and some I talk to, some I don’t. It happens. Obviously with me and Kevin,” he continued, “it’s a bigger stage. Us playing together here, we grew up together and since then some decisions have been made on what’s best for him and his future and I made a decision on what’s best for mine and that’s just how it’s been.”

What’s expect to hear from the crowd when Durant steps back onto the floor at The Peake?

“I don’t know, we shall see.”

And we will hear. Oh will we hear.


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