Durant Meetings Continue Today With Spurs, Celtics

By Randy Renner, Senior Writer

After reportedly being “blown away” by the LA Clippers free agency pitch last evening Kevin Durant will sit down today with the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported sources had told him KD was “blown away” by the Clippers presentation led by owner Steve Ballmer. Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan were also in the meeting. Chris Paul had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t make the meeting but he spoke with Durant by phone.

It’s interesting that KD received this so well, at least according to what those sources are saying, since the Clippers will have to gut their roster and still won’t be able to fit a max salary for Durant under their salary cap.

Griffin, Jordan and Paul are hoping to form a “Big 4” with Durant but because of cap restrictions those four would be joined by what some are already calling the “little 11” because the rest of the roster would more than likely have to be filled out with guys willing to take the veteran’s minimum.

The Clippers have traditionally have difficulty filling out their bench and under the “Big 4” plan that certainly wouldn’t change.

Earlier yesterday Durant met with the Golden State Warriors and sources indicated that meeting went “very well” of course that’s probably going to be the only spin you’ll hear coming out of these meetings.

After Durant meets with the Spurs and Celtics today he will sit down with the Miami Heat Sunday and then cap off the get togethers with another visit with the Thunder.

Speculation is Durant will have a decision by Monday unless his being "blown away" by the Clippers pushes that back a little.


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