McGary Back At Practice But Mum On Absence

By Randy Renner, Senior Writer

Thunder forward Mitch McGary is back with his teammates after an absence of about two weeks for what’s being called “personal reasons.”

McGary spoke briefly with reporters Wednesday afternoon following practice but declined to get into the reasons for his absence.

“I’d just like to leave that a private matter,” McGary said.

He did say it felt great to get back to practice and is excited about being a part of a playoff run.

“I never experienced the playoffs last year so this is awesome, Chesapeake was lit up last game it was just amazing last game.”

McGary was asked a couple questions about what he did during his absence, even one just inquiring whether he’d played a little basketball while he was gone but he answered all those pretty much the same way.

“That’s a private matter and I’d just like to keep it at that.

It’s doubtful McGary will see any action, having missed the last two weeks of practice and workouts.

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