Durant Says No Ultimatum Given To Thunder

By Randy Renner

Another day another rumor about where Thunder superstar Kevin Durant might be heading in free agency.

The latest comes from an unlikely source, Joel Meyers, the TV voice of the New Orleans Pelicans. Meyers, who is a veteran NBA broadcaster who has also worked for the LA Lakers, said on a radio show that based on people he’s talked to KD has given the Thunder a “Finals or bust” ultimatum.

“I made some calls over the weekend,” Meyers said. “If they don't, I'm told if they don't at least get to the NBA Finals, Durant's gone. Simple as that.”

As you might expect Durant denied that he or anyone in his very close and small circle of advisors leaked any such thing.

“If it didn’t come from me or anyone I know, like I said in the summer time, I don’t know where it came from. Everybody makes up rumors around this time of year and everyone wants clicks for their stories, so that’s a part of it. I have nothing to do with that. I can’t control it. I’m just focused on playing better each and every day."

In fact KD was also asked after today’s practice if it even makes sense that he would say such a thing to Thunder GM Sam Presti.

“To me, it doesn’t,” he answered. “You put too much pressure on everybody if you say something like that. Especially my teammates and this organization, they don’t deserve that. So I never said that, I never thought about that. But like I said, I can’t control rumors from people who sit behind their desk every day and think of stuff to say. I’m worrying about coming out here every day and staying healthy and trying to battle against the best players in the world while rumors are getting written up about whatever and I have no control over it. That’s their job and my job is to play. I never said that.”

Thunder coach Billy Donovan was also asked about the latest rumors and he told reporters he doesn’t pay any attention to whatever’s out there and that Durant is “focused on playing basketball.”

The Thunder are focused on being focused for tomorrow night’s rematch with the LA Clippers. OKC blew a big lead late last week in Los Angeles and went to lose to the Clippers, one of 10 games this season that have seen the Thunder blow a lead in the fourth quarter and lose a game.

Remember tomorrow night’s contest is the second game of ESPN’s national TV double-header so tipoff won’t come before 8:30 and could be as late as 8:45 if the first game goes long.

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