Adams Closer But Not Quite Ready

Thunder center Steven Adams (white jersey) participates in drills during practice Monday at the INTEGRIS Thunder Development Center. (Photo By: Randy Renner/

Thunder center Steven Adams (white jersey) participates in drills during practice Monday at the INTEGRIS Thunder Development Center. (Photo By: Randy Renner/

By Randy Renner, Senior Writer

Thunder center Steven Adams spent more time on the practice floor Monday but his sprained right ankle isn’t quite back to where he’d like it so he's not sure if he'll play in Tuesday's preseason game in Dallas against the Mavericks.

“I feel good,” he said, “but there’s just a few things, it’s not quite 100 percent. So we’ll see how it feels (Tuesday) but it feels good today.”

The Thunder are in no hurry to rush Adams back and Big Kiwi cautioned that this sprain of his ankle is a bit different than most he’s had.

“Usually I can just run them off and deal with them afterwards but this one was a little bit different,” he said. “I couldn’t run properly so I had to get off” the floor when he rolled his ankle last week against Real Madrid.

“It’s one of those things where daily he’s improving, he’s getting better,” said head coach Billy Donovan, “But whether or not he’ll be available (against the Mavs) I’m gonna leave that up to the medical staff. We’re not gonna push him into anything but he is doing more and more in practice.”

After playing games against two of the best EuroLeague teams last week in Spain Donovan will get a chance this week to see how his team is starting to stack up against regular NBA competition with Tuesday’s game in Dallas and Thursday’s contest in Tulsa against Memphis.

As far as the coach is concerned “it’s all about just how much we can grow and get better I don’t think (the game) is any different we’re still gonna try to build on our defense and on offense.”

For Victor Oladipo though the Thunder’s first game against another NBA team is a measuring stick of sorts, even in preseason.

“I’m just lookin’ forward to playing against guys in this league,” he said, “and seeing where we’re at.”

And seeing where his game is at this stage too.

“I didn’t have no long playoff run,” he pointed out, “so it’s been a really, really, really long time since I’ve played a game so I’m looking forward to it.”

He’s also excited about being on the court at the same time with Russell Westbrook and continuing to get used to playing with such a dynamic teammate.

“We’re starting to get familiar with each other and where each other likes to get the ball and learning to play on the opposite side of where he is, so just little things like that. But the main goal is to win and we both have that same mentality and that’s what’s gonna make us so good.”

Tuesday’s game against the Mavericks in Dallas tips off at 7:40 and can be seen on Fox Sports Oklahoma.

“Locker Room Talk”

Donovan and Oladipo were both asked if they’d ever been in locker rooms where some of the phrases used by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump came up. Trump characterized the words he was heard saying in a 2005 recording as “locker room talk.”

“The locker room is a sacred place, it’s really private, it’s where we get to be ourselves,” Oladipo said. “But for the most part, the locker rooms I’ve been in, I’ve never heard anything like that. In this locker room we talk about winning.”

“I’m not gonna pass judgement over what goes on in our locker room,” Donovan said. “I think every person’s gotta be accountable for themselves. Certainly it’s disappointing when you hear things like that. As far as our locker room I have not heard anything like that from our guys.”

But Donovan admitted everyone has said or done something in the past they regret now.

“I’m not gonna come out here and start passing judgment because I think in all of our lives, my life included there are things that you’ve said or done that you regret or you’re ashamed of and wish that you could take back.”


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