Two OKC players are the leagues dirtiest, according to players

By Addam Francisco

Oklahoma City media and fans have grown to love the Thunder and pretty much all of it's players. However, when it comes to the LA Times, and the players, there are a couple of Thunder players that aren't liked. 

According to two dozen NBA players, center Steven Adams and power forward Serge Ibaka were named as two of the five dirtiest players in the NBA. 

24 players voted anonymously, but some voted for more than one player. The top five players and how many votes they received are as listed. 

1. Cleveland guard Matthew Dellavedova (13 votes)

2. OKC Center Steven Adams (7 votes)

3. Golden State center Andrew Bogut (5 votes)

4. Memphis forward Matt Barnes (4 votes) 

5. OKC forward Serge Ibaka (2 votes) 

Steven is known for mixing it up with opposing team's post players, which normally ends in frustration and a double-technical foul that we've seen so many times. To us, he isn't really a "dirty" player, he just likes to mix it down low. Serge is known for the scuffle with L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin and multiple other little "fights" throughout his career. 

None of these players really seem to be dirty... If they were playing in the 80s or 90s this wouldn't be an issue. We live in a time of fines, suspensions, and ejections. If you swing your arm towards a player in an intentional and violent action it's considered a threat and your most likely ejected. 

Don't read too much into this, it's just a poll ran by the LA Times Magazine from a random group of players in the NBA. Not even the majority of the NBA. Remember Los Angeles doesn't like Serge Ibaka too much for multiple dust-ups with the Clippers current and former players. 


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