Don't sleep on Waiters

By Addam Francisco

Oklahoma City fans and critics, even at the national level always seem to have something negative to say about Dion Waiters, even myself at times. Whether its lack of defense, shooting too much, or seeming to have a bad attitude, Dion is always the topic of conversation. 


Well through eight games Dion has done a good job of proving people wrong, averaging 10.6 points off almost 50 percent shooting and only 7.5 shots in 23 minutes per game. He's also become more of a three point threat, shooting 52.6 percent from beyond the arc, not to mention he also shoots 85 percent from the free throw line. It seems like he's taking smarter shots, and incorporating his teammates more than he has in the past. 


Waiters has always been known for his offensive production, but he's also known for not playing any kind of defense. Many call him lazy on the defensive end, because he does have the athletic ability to be a lockdown defender. Well once again he's starting to prove people wrong there. His on-ball defense is better than past years, not giving up open looks, or easy drives to the lane. Oh, he also averages one steal per game and nearly half a block per game which is impressive for a guard, along with 3.6 rebounds. Dion doesn't foul much either, only averaging 2.4 per game which is another indication that he's defending well. Even though I'd like to see more playing time from Anthony Morrow, this is why Dion has been called on more often so far this year. 

Watch out for Dion this year people... He is a talent, and there's a reason why he was the fourth pick in the 2012 draft. Expect to see more of this play from him, he's only getting more comfortable in the offense. In order for OKC to make a deep playoff run and ultimately win a championship, they are going to need players like this to show up day in and day out. 


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