D-League Schedule Announced

By Randy Renner

Well I guess I can give up all hope now that Oklahoma City's NBA Development League team will be called the 66ers. When the team moved down the Turner Turnpike from Tulsa it left the nickname behind.

As far as I'm concerned that's too bad.

Route 66 stretches all across Oklahoma, not just Tulsa and comes right through Oklahoma City but a nickname change is coming. You can certainly tell by the way the Thunder keep referring to their D-League team as simply that, their D-League team. No nickname used at all.

But the schedule for this so far nameless team is out now and the home season begins on Friday, November 14th inside the Cox Center. The Maine Red Claws will be the opponent and it turns out the Thunder will playing that same night across the street inside Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Detroit Pistons will provide the opposition over there.

The team formerly known as the 66ers will play five of their first six games at home, four games will be played at The Peake as part of a double-header of sorts with the Thunder.

You can see the entire schedule by clicking here and when you go there you'll notice the 66ers name still at the top of that page, a leftover I guess because right below it just says the "Thunder D-League Schedule."

So what will the 66ers be called here in OKC?

Our friends at ThunderObsessed.com uncovered some evidence that indicates the new nickname will be Blue. The Oklahoma City Blue. Kinda makes me feel a little blue, or blah maybe.

Don't really like it at all actually.

I could have gone for "Blues" like the hockey team in St. Louis, it could mean music or it could refer to the color. Blues is better than Blue I think.

I guess I can hope for now that Oklahoma City Blue is a smokescreen and that the name will actually be something else.

One thing though remains quite apparent, it won't be 66ers and I think that's a shame.

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