Bid On Collison's Blood Stained Sneakers

By Randy Renner

This month's Thunder Cares auction ends at 7 o'clock Oklahoma time this evening and you have a chance to get an unusual piece of memorabilia.

Remember last season when Thunder forward Nick Collison got clocked on the top of his head in the April 3rd Spurs game?

That's the one where his scalp wound had to be stapled shut and Nick left the court with blood dripping down his face.

Well, several drops of his blood wound up on his basketball sneakers and they've become the star attraction of this month's auction.

As of this writing (at 7:30 Monday morning) the lead bid is $1100 but chances are it will go higher the closer we get to the close of bidding.

The other items up for bid this month are an autographed Kevin Durant shooting shirt and a fan pack which includes an autographed photo of Reggie Jackson.

You can check out the items and make your bids here. You can also go to the Thunder's website

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