Brooks Will Save Changes For During The Game

By Randy Renner

Thunder head coach Scott Brooks will continue to start Reggie Jackson at shooting guard tonight and so will not make any changes to his starters.

“I’m gonna stand pat tonight but maybe some adjustments during the game,” Brooks said. That could include bringing Thabo Sefolosha off the bench to guard Manu Ginobili when he comes in.

Gregg Popovich is going to make a change. He’s going back to Tiago Splitter at center, despite the success the Spurs enjoyed with the change to Matt Bonner and then Boris Diaw. At least that’s whose name is listed on the official starting lineup for tonight’s game.

Coach Pop waited till the deadline to let that news out though, he declined to tell reporters during his pregame chat.

“I’m not gonna talk O’s or X’s or what we’re gonna do in the game, but it’s not rocket science. It’s pretty simple,” he said.

And just in case you were wondering  Popovich did in fact study rocket science at the Air Forece Academy.

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