RussWest & PatBev "The Rematch"

Most of us in the media and probably most fans can't wait to see what happens when Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook and Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley go up against each other for the first time since Beverley wrecked Westbrook's knee in the playoffs.

As far as the teams, the players and coaches are concerned, it's a non-issue (at least publically).

Westbrook didn't rise to the bait when he spoke to reporters after the Thunder's shootaround today.

"Do you have any hard feelings toward him?" Westbrook was asked.

"Naw," was the simple answer.

And when a follow-up was asked Westbrook didn't want to keep the conversation going, "no more questions about that," he said.

Thunder head coach Scott Brooks said tonight's game isn't about one particular player, "it's us against them, Thunder versus Rockets."

And Brooks said he hasn't (and doesn't plan to) speak with Westbrook or the team about keeping emotions in check when going up against the Rockets and Beverley.

Houston has their normal starting lineup in place for change, "It's nice to have people available," head coach Kevin McHale said. "You're always a better team when you have everybody."

Something the Thunder is very well aware of.