World Peace Would Be OKC Chaos

So Metta World Peace would like to play for the Thunder.

Um..I'm thinking that's not gonna happen.

The player formally known as Ron Artest, and formally public enemy #1 in Oklahoma City for that elbow to the face of James Harden back in the day, had his contract bought out yesterday by the New York Knicks.

World Peace is believed to be wanting to latch on with the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs or your Oklahoma City Thunder.

Reports coming out of San Antonio say the Spurs aren't really interested and I doubt the Thunder are either.

MWP isn't quite the bad guy these days that he used to be when he hammered Harden or way back in the day when he climbed into the stands at a game and got into a fight with fans.

He's not the player he used to be either.

You would have to think his past would haunt him here and probably prevent Sam Presti from giving him a second thought. But the biggest reason the Thunder probably won't have anything to do with him is that his skills as a basketball player just aren't what they used to be.

Most of this season with the Knicks he's been dealing with knee problems so he hasn't played very much and when he has played he hasn't done much.

MWP used to be a 3-point sharp-shooter and a nightmare on defense. Remember when he hounded Kevin Durant during his Laker years?

That player might be a guy the Thunder would be interested in, even with his personal baggage, given some of their problems with perimeter defense and 3-point shooting from anyone not named Durant or Fisher.

But the Metta World Peace of today? Nope, not a chance.