Morrow Could Be Difference Maker

By Randy Renner

The Thunder and their fans had their sights set on bringing in a shooter over the summer, a big-time, 3-point threat.

Some were hoping for Kyle Korver, others wanted Mike Miller. The Thunder got Anthony Morrow who could end up being one of the steals of the free agent class and as big an acquisition as the Thunder have picked up since setting up shop in Oklahoma City.

Morrow is a career 43 percent 3-point shooter and last year he dropped in long balls at a 46 percent clip and for his entire time in the NBA he's had the attention of opposing defenses, sometimes their undivided attention.

That's not going to happen with the Thunder. Morrow may have more open looks in the first month of the season than he's had in his career.

"I definitely hope so," he chuckled on media day when asked about that. "I've never been on a time with two guys (Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook) that are that dynamic and draw that much attention. And then Serge (Ibaka) is included in that as well."

Morrow though isn't just excited about the basketball end of things with the Thunder, he likes what he's seen from the atmosphere around the ball club and what he's seen in Okl;ahoma City too.

"It's so much like a family here. You could tell that playing against these guys and being here since July you can really see it from the guys and from the coaches. And that's also how Oklahoma City is, nice and relaxed. That's kinda right up my alley being from Charlotte. So I think I fit in well here."

If he thinks he fits in now, just till he sees what it's like inside The Peake after he drops a couple of long bombs through the nets.

Telfair Ready For NBA Return

Sebastian Telfair is back in the NBA after spending last season in China and he could have returned to his team there for about twice what the Thunder are paying him this season, but that team in China couldn't offer Telfair a chance to win an NBA Championship.

"Any time you play with superstars in this league their goal is to win a championship so anytime you get an opportunity to get close to that then you wanna play a part in that. It just seems like everything is right for me here, that this is the right place for me to be."

Telfair will be the third team point guard, essentially filling Derek Fisher's role from last season and Telfair would be capable of stepping into an expanded role if needed if Reggie Jackson becomes the starting shooting guard or there is another injury.

"This is the best team I've played on since I've been in the league so I'm just gonna let my role come to me, whether it's something in training camp or in June."

Telfair actually played his last high school game in Oklahoma City when he was a McDonald's All-American out of Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York.

"Yeah I remember playing right here in this arena and it was a good experience, that was my first time in Oklahoma."

Telfair had verbally committed to Louisville but was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers. He's settled down now, married with two children and ready to re-launch his NBA career.

Jerrett Still Recovering From Surgery

Thunder forward Grant Jerrett who played all last season with the Tulsa 66ers is hoping to get some playing time with the Thunder this time around. After being drafted in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft last year, Jerrett ended up signing as D-League contract with the 66ers and then over the summer the Thunder added him to their NBA roster.

"It's almost a dream come true and it will be when I can actually play, but it's a blessing and I'm thankful for it."

He had foot surgery over the summer and will probably miss all of training camp.

"I'll be on the court, but not running or anything. Maybe just shooting. I just got out of the boot but it's feelin' really good, feeling stronger and feeling stable so it's good."

The Thunder believe Jerrett can be a "stretch 4" type guy and they're anxious to see what he can do on the NBA roster once he gets fully healthy.

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