If you like bright colors, you'll like the new alternate uniforms

By Addam Francisco

Do you like the new Thunder alternate “sunset” uniforms? Well, if you don’t it may bother you that they will wear the jerseys 18 times this season. The first time on Nov. 1 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena versus the Denver Nuggets.

The uniform has a bold orange color, that reflect the blended Oklahoma skies upon sunset and will have ‘OKC’ on the front in dark blue bolded letters. On the back will display the players names, under the numbers. The shorts will display the sunset color, with navy blue panels down the side of the leg with the Thunder logo on each side.

“This new uniform not only features another of our primary team colors, it also reinforces the strong connection our team has to our hometown and home state,” said Brian Byrnes, Thunder senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The ‘OKC’ on the front of the jersey echoes the chant that rings through Chesapeake Energy Arena during Thunder home games. This sunset-colored uniform adds a fresh perspective on the identity our team has built over the past seven seasons.”

You will see these jerseys 18 games this season, and all 13 of their Sunday games. This will be uniform number five for this squad. The primary jerseys will remain the white for home games, and Thunder blue for away games, with the navy alternatives and sleeved white jerseys being the two other alternates.

Personally I like these new uniforms a lot. I’ve always wondered why this organization hasn't embraced the orange color more for a uniform. I think theres a lot the organization can do with those colors. With the jerseys, I think we could do an “orange out” with the crowd for home games that they wear the alternates. I guess I am content with the primary home and away jersey, they are as basic as they are supposed to be. The dark blue jerseys I am definitely not a fan of, they’re a bit too straight laced for my liking and the white-sleeved ones have been my favorite up until now. I really love the orange ones.

The games that the Thunder are set to wear the new sunset jerseys are below.

Sunday, Nov. 1, vs. Denver Nuggets

Sunday, Nov. 8, vs. Phoenix Suns

Sunday, Nov. 15, vs. Boston Celtics

Sunday, Nov. 22, vs. Dallas Mavericks

Sunday, Dec. 6, vs. Sacramento Kings

Sunday, Dec. 13, vs. Utah Jazz

Sunday, Dec. 27, vs. Denver Nuggets

Wednesday, Jan. 6, vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Sunday, Jan. 10, at Portland Trail Blazers

Sunday, Jan. 17, vs. Miami Heat

Sunday, Jan. 24, at Brooklyn Nets

Saturday, Feb. 6, at Golden State Warriors

Sunday, Feb. 21, vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Sunday, March 6, at Milwaukee Bucks

Wednesday, March 16, at Boston Celtics

Monday, March 28, at Toronto Raptors

Sunday, April 3, at Houston Rockets

Saturday, April 9, at Sacramento Kings

A. Suave FranciscoComment