Tough Loss After Another Triple-Double By Russ.

By: Addam Francisco

An impressive seven-game win streak by the Thunder is cut short by Eric Bledsoe's 28 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists to solidify a 117-113 win in OT.

This game was centered around Russell Westbrook's third triple-double of the month and Bledsoe's almost triple-double. But players like Enes Kanter, Serge Ibaka and Dion Waiters were more than contributions to this game. They kept this team afloat and in the game while Russell's shooting performance struggled. Kanter finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds off 6 of 11 shooting, Serge had 13 points and 9 rebounds, and Dion had 16 points off 6 of 12 shooting. These players had a bigger impact than given credit for.

Even though Russell had his worst performance in February and maybe even 2015, after 12 of 38 shooting, he still finished with a triple-double which is his third in the month of February. That is more than any player in the NBA has had all year. I think he's the most diverse and athletic point guard in the NBA. Even though the MVP honors will most likely go to James Harden, or Stephen Curry I believe it's safe to say that Russell has been a better player this month and gives the NBA and it's fans something to look forward to going into next year for MVP.

After today's loss, the Thunder are still eighth in the West and the Suns are tenth. We didn't gain anything today but we didn't lose much either, we've won 9 of 11 games and we are two and a half games back from seventh with 24 games to go. I feel pretty comfortable about that going forward with KD back in the lineup presumable and hopefully sometime during mid-March, the Thunder can and will be a dangerous squad to face in the playoffs.

A. Suave FranciscoComment